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Pumping fuel refunds into your account



All petrol sold in New Zealand contains a tax of 87.4 cents per litre. This is known as excise duty and is designed to help fund the costs of the road network. It is administered by the NZ Transport Agency.

When this petrol is used by businesses that operate vehicles or machinery off the public road, the excise duty can be claimed back. However, many businesses don’t know this – or the complicated claim process makes it not worth the hassle.

That’s where NZ Petrol Refunds comes in.


Our 3-step process could save you thousands of dollars every year.

1. Get in touch

​Call or send us a message and we'll arrange to visit your business (if practicable) or set up a phone or Zoom meeting.  From there we will work together to gather all the info required

2. We submit the application


Once we have all your information and have completed your documentation we will then deal directly with the NZTA on your behalf and lodge the application along with any claims

3. Get your refund

Once the NZTA approves the application and processes any claims, we will pay your refund direct into your bank account