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Want extra money to spend every year? We can help!

As NZ Young Farmers members we want to show our support by freeing up your time, and putting money back into your bank account!


All petrol sold in New Zealand contains a tax known as excise duty.   These tax funds are managed by the NZ Transport Agency and go towards the costs of maintaining our roads here in New Zealand.


When businesses buy petrol to use in their off-road equipment and machinery like chainsaws, quad bikes, post hole borers, water blasters, lawn mowers, bale wrappers and generators etc the excise tax can be claimed back. So, if you’re using petrol in any of these or any other off-road machinery for your business, you could be due a refund!

Luckily, we can claim as far back as two years, so if you're buying as little as 1 x 20L container petrol per week

then you could be due a net refund of over $1,200!


1. Simply click on Sign Me Up below so we can get your contact details and a time that

suits you for us to call to gather the information we need to get your refund underway. 
We will need a few details such as your proof of GST, a machinery list, your fuel providers info and copies of receipts.

2. We'll then prepare your forms and send them to you to review and sign electronically.  Once we have them back we
will lodge the registration along with the refund applications directly to the NZTA on your behalf

3. Now we wait! The NZTA will process the application and any claims, which can take around 6-8 weeks. 
Once completed we will pay your refund directly into your bank account



$0 sign up fee for all NZ Young Farmers members - this is a saving of $379 (plus GST)

Out of your refund there will only be a 17.5% commission.

15.5% of this belongs to NZ Petrol Refunds and 2% goes to NZ Young Farmers!

So, by letting us take care of your petrol refunds, you’re joining the team in helping support

NZ Young Farmers like yourself, too!


We’re a small business in the heart of The Bay of Islands, Northland so we appreciate how hard it can be running the show!

We’re also passionate about helping you and giving back by supporting the up and coming business leaders of tomorrow!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about NZ Petrol Refunds get in touch.


You sure can! If you’re already a customer with one of our competitors but would like to take advantage of our lower

rates and join forces in helping young, New Zealand farmers in the process, just give us a call.

There are NO hidden fees to make the switch.


We are Mignon and Sarah and we're the powerhouses behind your petrol tax refunds. We are both locals of Kerikeri, and do the normal school run and family life just like most kiwi's.

We have been processing refunds for over 6 years and are we pride ourselves in our ability to make this often difficult and daunting process a simple and rewarding one.


Now that you can put faces to the names, make sure to get in touch and don't be afraid to ask questions


"Thank you NZ Petrol Refunds! Very helpful staff, always prompty returning calls and email.

We were pleasantly surprised when our refund came through! Thanks again!"


"I found NZ Petrol Refunds great help.  We would not have usually even bothered (or known it was available) to apply to receive money back for petrol refunds.

Thanks NZ Petrol Refunds"


"I was never aware of NZ Petrol Refunds, but once I acquired their services, they helped me to put some money back in MY pocket.

Swift, quick and effortless!"

Rhine - Dairy farmer (227HA)

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